In an endless row they are tumbling in.
Dark clouds containing gallons of water.
Then suddenly when nature holds its breath
blue sky is brighten up thousand of hidden colours
and I sigh.

Filled with joy and happiness I watch and listen.
The birdsong hesitates a moment
until the wind reveals a sky lacking the wet disturber.
Jubilation breaks loose
from the voices of birds
hidden away in leafy foliage and soffits.

I smile I share their feeling.

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X Marks The Spot


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The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel’s food consists of buds of conifers, fungi, seeds, book, acorns, nuts, fruits and strawberries :-) Well yes other berries too.
The animal’s diet consists mainly of insects and larvae.




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The Old Corpse Road

I came across this tweet from Andy Redhead with a picture of The Corps Road. It made ​​me think of the post McEff has written about the same road.


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